Reclaim your Worth. Embody your Truth Rise into your most Expressed Self.

what if you could finally...

reclaim your worth,
embody your truth,
and rise into your most expressed self?


getting out of your own way has never felt so good.

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You are here because of the brave work you’ve done on yourself up to this point.


You’ve gone through the initiation. Read the books. Done years of mindset work.

But maybe you’re still feeling stuck in self-hate. Or feeling an itch to get to the heart of the matter. Or feeling a yearning to finally feel free from the pain.

What if I told you there’s more to the whole thing - and that maybe the tools that have taken you this far aren’t the tools that will take you to where you want to go?

I believe that if we are to be who we were born to be, it’s going to take a radical unlearning… and reclaiming.

It’s time to dive into the shadows.


Worthy Women Rise

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Worthy Women* Rise is an expansive five month group program for women who want to cultivate worth, resilience and softness during these trying times.

During these 20 weeks, an intimate collective of seekers and visionaries from all over the world will gather virtually on this transformational quest to learn the tools for how to know, trust, and express their inner worthy woman unapologetically.

 This program is a healing sanctuary where every part of you will be loved and supported so you can step into your wholeness. Because it's time to tend to the deep sense of inadequacy and brokenness and finally fall in love with all of who we are. We must do it now, for the sake of our hearts and our hurting world.

My name is Thais Sky and I am honored to be on this journey with you.

*Women is defined as anyone who identifies as such in a significant way, including of course
trans women, because, women. All sexual orientations are welcomed.


I am so glad I did this program!

"Thais’ dedication to helping women do the hard work on themselves really makes traditional therapy seem lacking. There are so many programs for women to do better and make more money, but THIS program should be the prerequisite because Thais gets to the root of why showing up and implementing anywhere else in life is such a challenge for some of us. I now have a renewed sense of self and a freedom that can’t be described that’s propelled me to show up in my life, business and relationships in a brand new way." - Takisha August

you wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down
- toni morrison


For us women, rising into our fullest expression can feel like the greatest invitation... and also the biggest challenge.

Breaking free into our fullest expression is about reclaiming who we were born to be. It's the act of putting our hand on our heart and tending to the parts of us who are timid, scared, shy. It's about radical alignment.

And in order to create this alignment, we have to dismantle the voice within us trying to convince us {often effectively} that we are inadequate and insufficient and that we have to hide parts of ourselves to be loved and accepted. We have to untangle from the internalized narratives that culture placed on us on who we should be and how. And we have to redefine our values in a way that works for our lives, not the lives that others want for us.

This is the essential, and often missing, piece of the puzzle that is calling forth from a deep place within that will allow you to...

... make an impact in extraordinary ways that surprise and delight even your own heart,

... feel at home and safe within your body and your life which will pave the way for you to offer the world unparalleled power, creativity, resilience, and love,

... and fully reclaim all the parts of you that have been lessened and dulled.

The world is in desperate need for sensitive, smart, driven women to stand in our wholeness in our lives and our work.

Healing the worthiness wound is critical to our rise.

Because for many of us, the pesky feelings of inadequacy are always right around the corner. It doesn't take much... just reading someone's accomplishments on Facebook, getting into a fight with our partner, receiving criticism, making a mistake.... to make us feel deficient and not ok. 

The ache of not believing in yourself enough is debilitating.

It's no wonder the risk of being ourselves, with the potential experience of shame and embarrassment, feels unsafe. Luckily, you are not a defective woman.

Understanding how we've become ensnared in the worthiness wound can set us on the path of liberation from other people's judgements and our own crippling anxiety.

Not healing the worthiness wound can be terribly exhausting and expensive, leading us to:


>> Not feel safe to ask for what we want and to create clear boundaries

>> Stay in situations and relationships that harm our well-being

>> Hide and not pursue our biggest dreams and desires

>> Not charge enough for our services/work

>> Obsess over our bodies and our looks rather than doing our most brilliant work

>> Compete with other women and experience painful comparitis

>> Play small for the sake of not rocking the boat

>> Constantly worry about what other people think of us


when we avoid the worthiness wound, we are avoiding our power.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

There’s a disconnect in our approach to self-healing…

For many of us, it is easy to visualize the woman that we want to become. She’s authentic, confident, happy and loving. 

But instead of being that person we find ourselves perpetuating patterns like disordered eating, self-criticism, withdrawal, low self-esteem, and an inability to forgive. We may even be aware of some of the patterns but we have no idea how to fix them in order to become that woman… so we get mad at ourselves for not knowing. And the pattern continues.

I believe that if we don’t get to the core of the wounding, nothing changes.

Which is why Worthy Women Rise is not like other self-development programs because this isn’t about developing yourself, it’s about healing yourself. WWR takes an ecological approach where I will guide you through my process of deepening into yourself in a way that feels tender and approachable so that you may finally break the patterns that keep you hungry for connection, thirsty for fulfillment outside of the traditional narrative of success and craving taking up greater space.

You are meant for more than staying stuck in a spiral of unworthiness, self-doubt and anxiety.

It's time to take your knowing into being. In that journey, we break free.


This program bulldozed my wildest expectations.

"Thais is a goddess of a facilitator - her divine interventions and challenges and guidance allowed me to narrow in on my deepest held fears and self-doubts. She equipped me with the tools to navigate life's ongoing complexities and helped me develop a personal practice of self-love and appreciation. I am forever changed and forever grateful." - Chelsea Byers

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As I look back in my life, I notice so many areas where I stayed too long, hid for too long, played it safe for too long. The pattern is clear; staying, even though I wasn’t 100% happy. And underneath that, an even deeper fear, that maybe I am just not worthy of being happier than I am now. Maybe I just need to be grateful and suck it up. Who am I to demand so much?

Demanding. Needy. Bossy. These are all words thrown at women who have the audacity to speak up, to throw off the veil of invisibility and ask for her needs to be met, to take up space.

And yet - what is it costing us to stay hidden, small, safe? What are we missing out on when we secretly hide parts of ourselves, worried constantly about what other people will think? What are we really saying to ourselves when we choose to believe our unworthiness?

These are questions I have asked myself frequently. And what I keep coming back to are the tools that I now teach, the tools for self-mothering and emotional resilience. The tools for coming back home to myself. The tools for grounding and intuition building.

When you have the right tools, you can build anything.

And damnit it’s time to build something new. It’s time to stop allowing our perfectionism to get in the way. It’s time to bring forth the assertive, confident, worthy women that is within you so you can get free and live your audaciously expansive, settled, beautiful life.

This program is a compilation of A decade’s worth of academic and professional knowledge of women's psychology, accessible to you wherever you are in your life.


If you're new to me and my work, here's what I want you to know:

>> I have worked with hundreds of women worldwide through my coaching practice over the last eight years. Recently a client shared this with me after our work together: “I am beginning to feel like the person I was born to be, and that is the greatest thing. I am free.” To me, that's the whole point.

>> My accreditations include certifications in coaching, NLP, yoga, and women's leadership. I am currently getting my Masters in Clinical Psychology and bring my knowledge of women's empowerment, spirituality, and somatic healing into everything I do. I take deep inspiration from the teachings of Tara Brach, Diane Poole Heller, Bessel van der Kolk, Eva Pierrakos, and my long-time teacher, Wendy Hubbard.

>> I have been on my own personal journey of healing for over 10 years which means I know how to hold a tremendous container for all of who you are. During our time together in Worthy Women Rise, I will not try to fix you or tell you what to do but rather gently encourage you to lean into your own truths. You know what you need. I am just here to support you in cleaning the cobwebs off the mirror of your heart.

>> The work of guiding women to live the truest version of themselves often feels like a karmic honoring. I was born to do this work in this world at this time and it's my honor to guide you to your homecoming.

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This course is right for you if...

>> You are brilliant, driven, and thirsty. So thirsty in fact that you have a bookshelf overflowing with spiritual and self-development books, some read, some not. But the implementing and seeing actual changes in your life? That's the struggle.

>> The idea of spending another year chasing perfectionism, feeling debilitated by your inner critic, and being distracted with busyness, while your desires lay collecting dust in a corner makes your blood curl. This will not be your story this year.

>> You see yourself as a leader, but you have a sneaky suspicion that if you truly want to change the world and make the impact you dream of, you need a foundation of worth that goes beyond affirmations and mantras.

>> You get excited at the idea of exploring your depths and the uncomfortable parts of yourself because you're ready to feel next level experiences of ease, spaciousness, playfulness and femininity in your life.

>> Intellectually you get that self-compassion and self-love are key but knowing this hasn't helped you actually feel self-compassion and self-love. This may be hard to admit, but its easier to admit it than to spend another moment hating yourself.

>> You're tired of letting other people's opinions of you dictate your life and letting that pressure to be something that you are not keep you in performance mode. You want to be real, you're just not sure how.

>> The call to step into our greatest self is getting to be too loud to ignore. No matter what it takes, this is what matters.

You can never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoe.
— Leymah Gbowee

Thais' Worthy Women Rise program was powerful.

"I feel more accepting and forgiving of myself than before finding Thais. I'm less afraid of saying no and less likely to take things personally. I dare harder to be myself. My deepest desires seem much closer within reach than I initially imagined as well. I highly recommend this program!" - Starisha Jimma


How this program works:

There are thirteen modules that will be explored like a living meditation during our five month journey. Each week we will gently investigate what holds you back from embodying each theme and the underlying wounds that keep you in a spiral of overwhelm, lack of clarity, fear, stress and anxiety.

To deepen this healing experience, every week there will also be a workbook complete with journal prompts, meditations, rituals and celebrations that will allow you to embody these qualities in a way that resonates with your life and your work.

Every few weeks throughout the program there is an integration week and an opportunity to internalize these themes into your expression through rest, play and aligned action, allowing the program to feel spacious and nurturing.

Click on each module below to learn more:

Module 1: Making Space

  • Cultivate space in your life to reconnect with your inner wisdom, learning how to honor the call within to slow down and ground in your life.
  • Organize your sacred space and cleanse your life of noise that is keeping you distracted and caught in the busyness spiral.
  • Begin carving time to be with yourself, listening to your needs and remembering the truth of who you are.

Module 2: Belonging In Your Body

  • Begin releasing the expectations placed on women to look a certain way in order to receive love and acceptance.
  • Deepen the connection with your body and learn how to attune to its needs and desires.
  • Connect with the magic of the messages your body sends you and untangle from the anxiety that keeps you in a spiral of comparitis and lack of clarity.

Module 3: Finding Freedom In Feelings

  • Understand the science of emotions and how it's the key to healing your life.
  • Develop a greater understanding for how to navigate your emotions in a way that empowers you rather than debilitates you.
  • Cultivate an internal system that allows you to respond rather than react, allowing for more spaciousness in your interactions with others.

Module 4: Self-Nurturing The Wound

  • Explore the unconscious patterns playing out in your life and discover the tools to begin to find autonomy.
  • Release self-judging and self-loathing that will open up possibilities for inner kindness and playfulness through the practice of being in relationship with your inner little girl.
  • Reshape your relationship with your mother/predominant caregiver to one that feels more sustainable and nourishing.

Module 5: Unraveling the Feminine

  • Heal the feminine split and the ways we've pushed away The Mother, both the internal and external matriarchal figure.
  • Question the ways we internalized the binary of feminine and masculine and begin to adopt the values that feel most aligned.
  • Soften your expectations on your intuition and find delight in the communication between you and your divine spark, feeling into self-trust.

Module 6: Tending To Pleasure

  • Deepen into your sexuality by exploring the expectations placed on women.
  • Learn how to pleasure your body based on your desires as opposed to societal expectations.
  • Find a more meaningful relationship with your pleasure, reclaiming it as your own.

Module 7: Embodying Sovereignty + Justice

  • Stand in your full power and truth, knowing the intimate dance of taking up space that is yours while honoring the space of others.
  • Unearth the deeper internalized beliefs from culture that have colored your life.
  • Unpack internalized oppression and the ways you may be unconsciously oppressing others.

Module 8: Developing Healthy Attachments

  • Become a more securely attached woman through the understanding of attachment theory and childhood psychology.
  • Heal past relationship wounds with new self-awareness of your needs and desires.
  • Open your energy to accept self-love in a deeper way.

Module 9: Cultivating Sustainable Boundaries

  • Reshape your receptivity and ability to receive attention and be taken care of.
  • Restructure your understanding of conflict, intimacy and what it means to be in vital, thriving relationship.
  • Learn the skills of communication in a way that makes it easy to ask for your needs to be met.

Module 10: Stepping Into Worth

  • Put the final pieces of the worthiness wound model into your life, seeing how everything fits together to create certain patterns of behavior.
  • Uncover deeper limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that will allow you a new level of autonomy and freedom.
  • Begin recognizing the attachment to results and external validation and infuse kindness inward rather than the harsh inner critic.

Module 11: Flowing and Surrendering

  • Develop a new way of relating to flow and ease, changing the toxic ways you've been taught to forgive and let go and finding new ways of releasing your tight grip on life.
  • Relax the need to project safety over certainty and begin to find resilience and strength within the unknown.
  • Feel partnered with life, allowing you to relax into the greater mystery knowing you are held, so you can make aligned choices with less worry.

Module 12: Allowing Death

  • Explore your relationship with death, endings, goodbyes and grief, allowing for a deeper capacity to be born anew.
  • Cultivate awareness of your patterns around endings in order to find a new relationship with intimacy.
  • Learn how to validate the impact people and experiences have had in our lives.

Module 13: Celebrating

For our final week of the program, we spend time in celebration for the work that we've done, allowing ourselves the experience of feeling proud for what we have achieved, as well as creating a successful foundation of your work for when the program ends.

What you receive with this program:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 14.46.28 .png

13 In-Depth modules taught by thais

This course includes 13 comprehensive modules to explore the ways you can embody the worthiness you desire, as well as various integration weeks to deepen your understanding of the content. Each module will be released Sunday night with plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout the week. This information-packed course consists of over 20 hours of my best women's psychology and spiritual tools to support you in your rise.

You will also receive various bonus modules from past iterations of WWR including topics of money, self-expression, creativity, and more.



Every module comes with a companion workbook to support you to internalize the information covered in the videos/audios. Here you will be asked to explore questions and practices to support you to deepen your understanding of how to navigate your inner and outer realms. There will be writing prompts, guided meditations, and other surprise elements. Each workbook also includes soulwork for body-mind-soul integration of the materials.



Every Wednesday at 6pm PT we will meet via Zoom {a free platform for you} as a group for 90 minutes where you will receive “hot seat” coaching from me. This is your opportunity to clarify the concepts, ask questions, and receive my intuitive coaching support. As a coach for over nine years, I have the education and experience of holding group containers in way that is powerful for all attendees. This experience of being in circle with other women, witnessing each other on the journey, is utterly transformative and most past participants will tell you this is their favorite part of the program.

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Worthy Women Rise private Facebook group is where we will spend most of our time gathering, sharing, supporting and elevating one another. I invite this to be a brave space where we will share our workbook realizations, ask questions, get messy, and push each other. I will be in the group daily offering my thoughts and prompting greater insight.


A beautiful initiation and closing ceremony

Part of what makes this program so special is the relationship you will develop with yourself via the other women in the group. To facilitate connection and intimacy, we will start and end the program with a 90 minute gathering. This allows for intentionally when opening our hearts to one another and also allowing for an energetic close at the end of our time together.


Five Monthly Community Circles

Every month we will gather for 75 minutes to be in circle together, listen to each other, and be witnessed in our stories and struggles. This is not a coaching call or space to get advice, rather this is our opportunity as a group to be together in our challenges and struggle and see ourselves in others. This space can offer tremendous healing where we experience on a bone level what it means to find sanctuary in our togetherness.



As soon as you sign up, you'll receive access to a welcome video, a guided meditation, and a homework to get you started and set a solid foundation for your journey. You will also have access to the calendar of the program including when all the calls will be taking place.

Once you are accepted into the program, the content will be available for you forever. As I update this program, you will get the newest versions. Welcome to the community!

kaye namba worthy women rise.jpg

This program was so well thought out.

"I feel immense gratitude to have been part of it. Today I’m feeling a greater sense of belonging in my own skin than I did before starting the program. My eyes have been opened to a myriad of new perspectives, and I have a deeper love for my Self. This program - with Thais as a guide - without a doubt, has been transformational in the most unexpected ways." - Kaye Namba

you are allowed to be at the center of your life


Worthy Women Rise Investment



Worthy Women Rise program + monthly 1-1 coaching with Thais

One payment of $2,735* or
Five monthly payments of $547

Everything in the program including:

  • 13 in-depth teaching lessons

  • 20 90 min group coaching calls

  • A thriving sisterhood of women all over the world

  • A supportive online community available 24/7

  • Lifetime access to the content

  • PLUS: five private 1-1 50 min coaching sessions with Thais

Worthy Women Rise
Program cost

One payment of $1,735* or
Five monthly payments of $347

Everything in the program including:

  • 13 in-depth teaching lessons

  • 20 90 min group coaching calls

  • A thriving sisterhood of women all over the world

  • A supportive online community available 24/7

  • Lifetime access to the content


* If you pay in full you will receive a bonus private 1-1 50 minute coaching session with Thais.

I am proud of the way this program comes together in a gently wrapped present, each week taking you into a deeper and deeper journey of self-fulfillment, where before you know it you've mastered some blocks that have been holding you back for years. If there's any call within you that is telling you it's time to rise, this program will rock your world.

Doors are now closed. Get on the waitlist for first access when enrollment reopens.

The next cohort of WWR will be in Spring of 2020.

NOTE: In order to submit your application, a $150 security deposit is required. If you're accepted into the program, my team will contact you to set up your payment plan. After you make your first payment, your $150 will be refunded. If you are not accepted, your deposit will also be refunded.



Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-apply basis. This program does sell-out quickly, usually before doors officially close.


Here is a recording of a live Q&A info session call where I share an overview of the program, answer questions I have received and interview a couple WWR alums who at one point were in a similar place you are now.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many spaces are available in Worthy Women Rise?

This program can accomodate 15-20 women. I intentionally keep this program small in order to best serve each individual participant. While this is a group experience, you will receive a lot of coaching from me. This alchemy is what allows the transformation to take place.

Why is there an application process?

Congruency is important to me. WWR is by application only because I want to make sure that every woman who participates in this intimate experience is a good fit and is ready for the journey ahead. What I offer in this program is radical and not every woman is ready. Having an application process ensures alignment and a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.

What is the time commitment for this program?

I suggest you take about 3-4 hours a week for the content. Some of this time will be spent applying new skills, meditating, listening to the information, completing the weekly workbook, engaging in the Facebook group, and participating in the group calls. However, as with anything, what you put in is what you get out.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the limited spaces available in this course, refunds are on a case by case basis and subject to fees.

I won't be able to attend some/all of the coaching calls, is that a problem?

The coaching calls are an opportunity for you to ask me questions, get personalized support, and deepen your understanding of the topics. However, they are not mandatory. If you miss a call, they will be recorded for you to access whenever you want.

This program sounds great but I can't afford it. What are my options?

The pricing of Worthy Women Rise was calculated intentionally based on the profound shifts participants experience by the end of the program. In fact, most women admit they would have happily paid thousands more considering what they've experienced. However, keeping the price accessible is important to me. If you're interested in joining but don't have the means to do so, I invite you to start saving your resources to invest in the next cohort, most likely Spring of 2020. You can join the waitlist here.

I am feeling nervous about signing up! Any thoughts for me?

You should feel nervous! Feeling nervous means you are on the edge of something new. Something that has the potential to change the trajectory of your life. Often times when I am nervous it's because this is something I really want and never thought I could have. My invitation for you is to get still and listen to your heart. Your body knows the answer. If, after taking some time to listen, you still have questions about whether WWR is a good fit for you, please reach out and let me know. You can also book a free 15-minute chat to discuss any questions or concerns.

What Other WWR Alumni Have Said:


This program and Thais has helped me to see things differently in my own coaching work, relationships and how I walk throughout my daily life.

“A bit nervous and uncertain, I dove head first into WWR and had an experience that I will always remember. Thais offers a perspective that weaves in feelings of truth, groundedness, and power. Her words are spoken with so much intention that you can't help but feel all of the love put into WWR. This program, the women and especially, Thais, will always hold a magical place in my heart. I will forever remember this program and am grateful to have learned more about myself, my worthiness and my community. This program is incredible and Thais has so much to offer.” - Danielle Waldman


I am so grateful for the experience I had with Thais and the inspiring women in my Worth Women Rise cohort.

“I came into this program hoping to connect more deeply with myself, feel less shame and broken-ness and "other"-ness. Thais helped me to look at so many things in my life in a different way (via what I like to call her "wisdom bombs") - with so much more genuine compassion and curiosity rather than inner judgment and struggle. I have so many new tools and a greater confidence in my ability to tackle new and old challenges alike. I wished the program would never end!” - Megan

The Worthy Women Rise Program has been an incredible, wild, and monumental healing ride for me.

“I am still processing all the major shifts that have transpired in the last 16 weeks. I did not expect to open up as much as I did and I couldn't have done it without Thais' boundless guidance and support every step of the way. I have this new sense of awareness and deeper connection and love for myself that seemed so unattainable. For the first time in a long time, I am hopeful that I am on a promising transformational path in my healing process. Thank you Thais for sharing your gifts to the world!” - NV


Worthy Women Rise was the bravest, hardest, most incredible experience I have had and was the single most important investment I have made in myself.

“I went into this program intending to address my relationship with my mother and in turn, jumpstarted my own healing journey. This journey has awoken me and empowered me. It has helped me bring joy back into my life and taught me how to truly feel again. I have started to find my way home to myself because of this program, and am a new woman. Learning from Thaís and growing with this amazing group of women has changed my life for the better, and I am forever grateful.” - Meredith


I think this program is special, unique and amazing.

“This program has given me two of the greatest gifts that I could receive, awareness and self acceptance. As a result of WWR, I have cultivated an intimacy and a loving relationship with myself that I didn't know I was capable of. I feel empowered and self assured.” - Lauren


This program has been life changing for me.

“I came into it hesitant, unsure, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed and lonely. The journey through it was an amazing and necessary roller coaster ride. I now feel a sense of calm, ease, confidence, reassurance, and willingness to participate and take on my life with grace. I’m so grateful and honored to have been apart of Worthy Women Rise.” - Annie


Worthy Women Wise was such a safe and life-changing container.

“As the program draws to close, I am re-reading my goals I set at the onset. I had totally forgotten about them because there were so many deeper and juicer things this program brought to light, but we have touched on them all. Their fulfillment is still a work-in-progress (they are huge goals!), but I feel so prepared to tackle them now. I also know I don't have to work on them all on my own--I am more comfortable asking for support from and trusting the women in my community. I am now much better equipped to navigate my way through my worthiness wound, big emotions, and social conditioning to see how I am keeping myself small and safe at the cost of the sovereign life I actually want.” - Isabelle


I came into this program with the feeling I have in pretty much any kind of self-development work: hoping deep down that maybe this will be the one that will fix me enough that I'll be ok.

“Throughout the course of the program, I slowly stretched my capacity to be seen and held by others, to receive that kind of love and acceptance, and to be both brave and afraid, confident and unsure, big and small. This work didn't help me nail into place all the broken parts of me - it helped me look at why I wanted to do that in the first place, and helped me hold the possibility that maybe who I am here right now, even with the desire to be fixed and the fear that it's not possible, is ok. It feels like I've gently stretched my understanding, and also my capacity for holding myself and being held.” - Stacey


Thais is masterful in her ability to hold space and explore your edges with you from a place of loving accountability and empowerment.

“I feel like each week I'd hand her broken shards of myself and she'd receive it, work her magic, and within minutes she'd hand me back a cozy warm blanket - made out of MY own messy humanness - that I just wanted to curl up in and fall in love with over and over again. This program didn't just make me "feel good" - it invited me to more fully accept my humanity and the full spectrum of experiences that come with it. Words fail me in expressing the richness and fullness of the profound gifts I've received from this time working with Thais and the group of incredible humans I sat alongside in this program. I am in awe and deep gratitude.” - Katie


Worthy Women Rise is unlike any other self-development program I have done.

“Thais has created a model that helps you understand your patterns and empowers you to choose a new perspective. The intimacy of the group, the coaching, core concepts, and the ability to dive deep simply cannot be compared. Words can't describe the depth of my gratitude for Thais and this program. Her ability to be kind, funny, compassionate, direct, discerning and simply brilliant is unique and I have treasured this time together. Thank you for all of the work you put into this program - I will be forever grateful and forever changed because of it. Not perfect, not "there", and not looking to be either anymore!” - Jane



"Before Thais's WWR program I knew I was ready for a shift in my life. I felt a calling that there was more to it and I was finally ready to take responsibility for the outcome. My intentions for the program were to be at peace with myself and my circumstances, to learn to not be in a state of overwhelm, and to simplify so I could enjoy my journey. Even though I feel I am only scratching the surface, Thais has taught me to keep moving and doing the work, to take a stand for the AND. I can want more in life, but also learn to be accepting of where I am NOW." - Laura


The most beautiful and amazing thing I learned was that I’m not broken.

"I just needed to advance the page on my life. I am experiencing life with a new sense of awareness and appreciate myself so much more. I feel more grounded and yet freer than I’ve ever felt. It’s like I’ve been reintroduced to myself. I get her. I see her now." - Tieler


This has changed my life for the better. And I owe it to Thais!

"At the beginning, I was unsure where this journey would take me. What I discovered, in going through this program, that I actually got the chance to know myself. It was like Thais was in my head and knew exactly how I was feeling. She gave me solid tools and tips to help me each and every time my worthiness wound is triggered."  - Brooke

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 15.52.55 .png


"I went from feeling scared and unsure about investing in this course to saying I would invest it again without hesitation. It was the best decision I could have made for myself and my business. In the past 3 months I have already seen a financial growth in my business as well as a whole new financial goal for 2017 that I never thought possible for myself. I feel like I am at the peak of a mountain fearlessly looking around at the world of opportunity and possibilities that are mine." - Haley


Thais is absolutely brilliant.

"She has an incredible way of getting to the heart of the matter and supporting women recognize and own their power. Because of her, I learned exactly why and how I was holding myself back, how to get rid of those pesky limiting beliefs, how to speak and breathe differently to be more powerful in the world, and what to do to move forward. Because of this experience I feel much more confident in myself and my messaging and I have incredibles tools for how to amplify my message to the world." - Katie


Thais created the most amazing supportive community.

"I came into Thais' Worthy Women Rise program knowing that it was time for me to find the space to really dig deep into who I am. Thais created the most amazing supportive community. Together we created the space for all of us to do exactly what we each needed, individually and collectively. I am leaving this program changed and ready to stand in my power, and empowered with the knowing there are other women who are ready too. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you." - Amanda

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After doing this program, I feel like I can literally do anything.

Thais' Worthy Women Rise Program was the most epic support system for what would otherwise have been just another 12 months of me feeling the crippling self-doubt and inadequacy that I was feeling before working with Thais. After doing this program, I feel like I can literally do anything, and I feel that I have the knowledge, tools, and support to know what to do in any given moment-- even in moments of self-doubt or "failure." - Marissa